Here are a few more of my airbrushed ceramics. They are highly unique and there are many more examples on my Ceramics page. 

I like to gaze at a piece of mass-produced greenware, letting the shape inspire me as to how I will transform it with my Iwata. 


Above: 31x31cm tile, called 'Kylie' because of its likeness to the singer. 

I made this tile to smash, reassembling it to make a fabulous mosaic 'potrait.' See the story of my process on the Mosaic pages, and what happened to this remarkable artwork on my News page...  


This tile has been airbrushed in preparation for my next 'potrait' which is to be a statement in an ancient medium (mosaic) about digital technology and how it simultaneously connects and disconnects us...

Vase sizes: L 35cm ht M 20cm ht S 15cm ht. 

Also featured are 'Firemaiden' and 'Ice Maiden'- beautiful framed examples of what I can do with the smaller ceramic tiles available.