'AFTER WORK' (60cmx90cm) Acrylic painted and airbrushed onto palm leaf attached by copper tacs onto wood. Oh, for those simple, carefree MTB days BC (before children) when we could just jump on our bikes at the end of the day with no other commitments other than 'bum in the saddle.'

CYCOCREATURE: Mosaic paver, with a bicycling twist! Click on the image to see more mosaics.... 

CLASSIC BIKE: The best thing about riding this one could be power at the flick of a wrist, not a crank. Click on the image to see more renderings...

"Most of us are tiptoeing through life so we can reach death safely. We should be praying, "If I should wake before I die." Life can get away from you. Don't be satisfied with just pumping blood."


 'STOKED' (60cmx90cm) Study in black and white acrylic on palm leaf of a freerider dropping in. Inspired by a similar study I once did for a cycling stand at an expo on a big sheet of brown paper.

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 'NOT GOING ANYWHERE' (61cm x 76cm Oil on canvas). Eventually finished it in 2007, exhibited it at Hornsby Art Society and won 'Best Oil Painting' award. It was an emotionally tough subject to paint, for this is what I saw at Parktown North Cafe just two weeks before I left South Africa for good back in 2005...

'BEAUTY AND THE BIKE' (60cmx90cm) Acrylic on palm leaf with copper tacs onto plywood with collage of mum's 60's & 70's sewing patterns and artists' own memorabilia collage. 

Inspired by the fact that bicycles were instrumental in the emancipation of women through 'The Rational Dress Society..."