Mosaic is durable, weatherproof, and lends itself exceptionally well to any architectural form- be it your gateposts, a statue, walls, floors or even integrated into your driveway as pavers. 

Providing a mosaic is well-secured, it's vandal-proof too. My numbers are made from ceramic or glass tile, so graffiti can just be wiped off again...the mosaics of Pompeii survived a volcanic eruption, remember? 



Make the entrance to your place a stand out from the rest of the street with a beautiful mosaic street number and/or sign. 

GATEPOSTS: (35x35cm sign).Balance the streetview with matching numbers and signs.

GATEPOSTS: (35x35cm nr).Co-ordinate with the home behind the gates. 

(35cm x 45cm). Framed house numbers in glass and ceramic tile with listello insets.


Practical art to pave the way! All my mosaic pavers are cast in concrete with mesh reinforcing. Integrate them with whatever yoare building, or strategically place one loose to enhance your favourite external space.

Square or rectangular garden pavers; 

Broken plate frame, glass drops, 

glass and ceramic tiles.