The outside observer could be forgiven for thinking that the only creativity in mining and industry is Engineering. 

Put an illustration into the marketing mix and it immediately educates and captures the attention of your audience.

HLH MINING TIMBER CALENDAR: These illustrations were part of a series of six that were used to highlight the sustainable practises and processes used by hlh. They are also an excellent example of how effectively my handwriting can be integrated within an illustration to make it communicate more effectively, and enhance its visual interest.

(A1 size textured watercolour paper. Airbrush, pencil crayon, ink wash, pen and ink lineart).

OIL COMPANY (ENGEN) This local oil company wanted enormous A0-size charts which mapped out where their products were used in below and above ground mining of diamonds and gold. The illustrations were so successful and well-liked that they were also used as an advert and on a magazine cover.

(A1 size. Airbrushing and gouache on board).

AFROX HR BOOKLET: This was one of a series of budget, one-colour educational booklets for Gas Company AFROX. The brief was to lay out the information in a visual, comic-book style in order to get the HR department's information across to staff about safety, budgetting, a corporate unit trusts scheme and company protocols and systems.   

The characters in the booklets also had to illustrate gender equality and the variety of cultural backgrounds within the company. Employees also had highly varying standards of education, so the booklet's comic-book format communicated well across all levels without talking down to anyone.