Mosaic has the most fascinating visual appeal. 

It's durability makes it a good choice for decorating outdoor entertaining areas. 

A mosaic adds sparkle to a splashback, or transforms a lowly table into an outstanding conversation piece !


Table fit for a king (and queen!) 84cm diameter, created from ceramic tiles with glass tile and marble insets. Worms-eye view of Australian Crimson Rosellas feeding in a Grevillia bush. 

NYX: 45x50cm Glass tiles and broken Mirror. Nyx was the Greek goddess of sleep. I thought the broken mirror frame would add the mystique of being in another dimension. 


Lifesize: Ethereal fusion of artists' airbrushed ceramics, LED lighting, glass tiles and recycled glass accents.Winner, 'Strike a Pose' public art exhibition, Double Bay.

Burwood Community Creations Mosaic (80x120cm) Click on the image for the full story about the process... 

CENTRED: One, two and three.

(47x61cm) Tripdytch in travertine and ceramic tiles.

COFFEE TIME: (37x37cm framed) Glass tile on plywood base. 

Fighting rooster table, outside kitchen window, facing onto courtyard. Created from ceramic tiles left over from home rennovations, with glass mirror insets. 

BEDROOM MIRROR: (77x89cm) Girls' mirror in glass drops and glass tiles with bottle top detail.

Spiral motif mirror in natural stone.