Mosaic is an embodiment of the 'coincidence of opposites'- a thing of beauty created by the breaking and assembling of tiles and found objects. It is an allegory for the contradictions of our world and humanity, as all being not only consists of opposites, but exists by reason of them.

KYLIE & CLEOPOTRA: (55cm ht.) 

An outcome of my airbrushing with underglaze onto greenware. The shape of some terrracotta pots reminded me of heads, the plants growing out of them, feathers and headresses. With this vision in mind, I set about creating the faces which, after glaze-firing, I then prayed over and smashed. I then reassembled the faces onto the pots and integrated them with ceramic tiles and glass drops to create hair, clothing and jewellery. Each 'potrait' took me about two months to create and were breathtakingly gorgeous...But they were stolen and Cleopotra was broken. 


(30x48cm) A spectacular piece- whichever way you look at it! A pot, fabulously transformed, with ceramic & glass tiles, airbrushed ceramic insets and found objects. 

Awarded 2nd prize at the 2008 MAANZ open exhibition at Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain, Sydney.

HOODED: Airbrushed ceramic tile, integrated into carved, crystal glazed plate with glass tile mosaic and glass drop earrings.