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WESTLEIGH: Mountain biking at H20

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

“More high density housing we don’t need- outdoor space to be active, healthy and engaged with each other and our natural environments- we do need!” This message from community groups in Westleigh has been heard. However, most of the 2018 news reports did not mention that the redundant waterworks sewage dump land at Westleigh has been home to the ‘unofficial’ community-built H20 mountain bicycle trails for several years now.

Short, 3-5km lap trails for novice, intermediate and expert offroad cyclists have been painstakingly built and maintained by passionate volunteers. These trails are ridden by hundreds of enthusiasts every week. They flow and loop around, through and over natural features, as well as utilising the occasional dumped industrial remnant for added interest or skills practise for the intrepid ! With a little more political will, there is no reason why these mtb trails couldn’t become world class works of environmental art. They could be, and should be linked with other trails leading to Cherrybrook, Dural and Hornsby CBD in addition to being developed and integrated with all the other sporting facilities being planned for this highly valued slice of open land in the middle of suburbia.


Green trails: Perfect for kids and novice riders, judging by all the family groups and local youths encountered here. No hectic descents or climbs- just pure, looping singletrack pleasure. Blue trails: Slightly more demanding than the green trails, but good practise. Black trails: Suitable for experienced riders only. Rock drop-offs and challenging terrain make them a serious mental and physical work out.


BY CAR: From Duffy Ave, turn right at the second traffic circle into Quarter Sessions Road. Parking is available at Ruddock Park. To keep these trails open, it is critical that visiting cyclists maintain a good relationship with the local community. 1) Keep your noise levels down. 2) Avoid parking outside resident’s homes. 3) No Parking on, or in the vicinity of Warrigal Drive, as the RFS trains there and requires 24/7 access.

BY TRAIN: Westleigh has excellent bicycle lanes on all the main streets. From Thornleigh Station, turn right onto Esplanade Road, and ride up to Duffy Street.

BY BIKE: From anywhere… Hills, hills, and more hills are what you will ride to get to Westleigh and back on a bicycle!

1) From OMV Mtb Trail: Ride the 30 minute link between the two trails via Waitara & Larool Creeks. Walking path stairs or a firetrail will pop you out right next to the RFSFire Station and the H20 trail head. See author’s Strava activities for a map.

2) From Cherrybrook: There are three trails you could try, but bicycle access along any of them is unclear. A good start to explore a link is Blackwattle Trail, behind Cherrybrook RFS. Your navigational goal should be the Bellamy Road Path which links to Quarter Sessions Road.

MORE INFO: Like and follow the Westleigh MTB Track page on Facebook for updates, maps and more.

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