Solo Commissions and Community Mosaics by Suanna Mills...

Although I’ve created art my whole life, I began pursuing it as a living in 1986, when I graduated from the University of Cape Town's Michaelis School of Fine Art, in Graphic Design. Since then, my mission has been to produce unique, original illustrations, mosaic artworks and quality articles on my passions, namely art and cycling. Enjoy browsing through this selection of community mosaics and solo commissions.


Wedding Portrait

January-March 2019

2019: This A1-size photo realistic mosaic portrait of Alex & Vanessa was a solo commission for their wedding. Each eye took over a day to create. Each tooth was individually cut and shaped to match exactly the photo reference supplied. A lavish amount of time, expertise and  attention to detail is required to create a work of art like this. You can read my thoughts on creating a mosaic portrait in my blog.

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Ruth Pasi Foundation Easter Cross community mosaic, Zimbabwe

April, 2018

The artist was sponsored by Ruth Pasi Foundation to travel with an international youth group to Ruwa, Zimbabwe, where she conducted a community mosaic workshop to create an Easter Cross with a group of poverty stricken women from Dotito. It was a joyous day and concluded with singing and dancing over the beautiful mosaic we made together!

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KU West Pennant Hills

May-July, 2018

The KU Preschool at West Pennant Hills was awarded a grant to create community mosaics with the children and their teachers to beautify interior and exterior walls of their school. The Susie's Studio artist's proposal was accepted, and four mosaics were designed and then created depicting the activities and features of the school that the children identified. The mosaics were made at a series of school group workshops, facilitated by Susanna Mills.

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A Mosaic Shield Gift to Glenorie Primary

November 2017

 This year, the year 6 Scholars and Committee have raised funds to provide an amazing gift to the school. Year 6 students worked together with Susanna Mills to create a beautiful mosaic, which involves the four houses Red Roos, Wallabies, Kookas and Emus arranged on a shield. Each year 6 student’s name was placed around the outside edge with everyone participating in two workshops over the course of 2 weeks to help in the creation. We also created nine extra discs with various mosaic images to be put up around the small COLA area. The shield mosaic can be seen at the main entrance to the school.

We would like to thank Susanna for her hard work and amazing contributions as well as allowing us to be a part of the mosaic process.

By Luke & Matt 5/6P Glenorie PS

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Galston High School

January 2016 to February 2017

Galston High School Logo Sign: 2m x1m: Glass tiles on Villaboard base with wood frame/brace. Mosaiced school logo on transitioning blue to white background. Lasercut acrylic ‘Welcome’ word underneath. Location: Side entrance to the school hall.

Galston High: H20 molecule: 2mx2m Glass and ceramic tiles on three laser cut villaboard discs. Lettering created with Ezarri glow in the dark ‘Fosfo’ tiles. Location: Water Bubblers at Lab 8.

Galston High signs: ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ bathroom signs: 30cmx40cm Glass tiles and shaped mirror on plywood.

Music classroom sign: 40cm x 50cm Ceramic and mother of pearl tiles on plywood base. Glass tile cladding on cut profiles. Pique Asiette red section of background was created out of the broken shards of the music teachers’ favourite mug. All grout lines glow in the dark. AGT Aqua 350mesh glow sand was used. See:

Galston High School Environment Designs: Part of my brief for the GHS Beautification programme was to come up with designs to attach on the neglected balconies surrounding the main quad, as well as a new school sign across one of the elevated walkways at the main entrance. Students and the SRC were involved in the design selection process. A signage contractor printed and installed the final designs.

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