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Community Mosaic Projects

Create a mosaic together for your business or community

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Service Description

WHY CREATING MOSAIC ART TOGETHER IS SO GOOD FOR YOU ! Every time a long term community mosaic project draws to an end, there are always mixed emotions. There's a sense of sadness or loss for no longer having a reason to meet up and work together on a regular basis, but at the same time there is the elation and personal pride of having created and completed something beautiful and enduring which has integrated a part of you! Two strands bind together like DNA in any community mosaic- namely art and people. You truly do build meaningful relationships, you have to problem solve, master new skills and learn a creative process. And as if that is not enough, making mosaic art does not tolerate rigidity or perfectionism. So many workshop participants initially find themselves way out of their comfort zones, challenged by working with their hands (and trusting!) both themselves and the facilitating visual artist to pick and cut piles of disparate bits and pieces then slowly and methodically arrange them all into a glorious synthesis. Then there are all those intangibles that cannot be measured- yet are so valuable. Things like not being able to sleep at night after a workshop because your mind has been stimulated so much by the creative processes you and your group have been engaged in. Or, the weekly conversations around the table on culture, politics, work, spirituality, parenting and more. Because everyone is focused on the soothing, slow and methodical processes of working with their hands, there seems to be an inclination to really listen to each other. More than what is depicted, when reviewing mosaics I have done in the past with councils, schools, businesses or community groups, I often ' see' all of those intangibles within each tessera that has been cut, laid and bound together with glue and grout. Creating mosaic art together is so good, not just because your community ends up with an exquisite physical artwork, but because it reverts its creators from human doings, back to human beings. Because every community mosaic project and budget is unique, I cost and design each project around the specifics of the brief you give me.

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Native bushland mosaic art studio. Gravelly Beach TAS, Australia

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