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Er, perhaps avoid reading this at night...

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: The Return of the Gods, By Johnathan Cahn

I enjoyed reading this book and it aligns with scripture. There is no doubt that dark spiritual forces are more overt than ever before and there are accelerating accounts of physical manifestations.

We need to be prepared spiritually, mentally and physically. In this regard, the Bible must remain our 'spoiler alert.' Always refer to it first, even while reading Christian literature (by fallible humans). However, I do agree with other reviewers that this book did have repetition in too many chapters, which interrupts the reader's 'flow' and, regrettably, one's attention to the building up of the author's case. It is also too America focused which is a shame, because this subject knows no physical boundaries. However, the reader should not allow these technical shortcomings of the content to detract from the gravity of historic, or current global dynamics the author is trying to highlight through his book.

Scenarios throughout 'The Return of the Gods' may seem alternately false, wierd, amusing, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted etc, etc to the proclivities of those raised in sheltered, but deteriorating Western Societies. (which were originally founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethos, but are now undergoing a rebranded, Maoist Cultural Revolution). But they do, however, make perfect sense to those of us who have lived in 'transformed' anti-christian societies where witchcraft, paganism and man-centred belief systems in general are a common currency of existence. So before outright dismissing Cahn's text, perhaps bookmark some of the things written there- reflecting on them might help in trying to understand some of the insane things occurring everywhere, all the time nowadays.

Matters of the spirit and their subtle influences on us and the world we live in can be very difficult to both express and ascertain. The author shows great courage, discernment and conviction in trying to warn us, while also attempting to educate us. Now more than ever before we need to flee from inheriting our opinions from collectivist online platforms and rather spend our time seeking a deeper personal understanding of the true origins of ideas, songs, believes, values, discourses etc- or we risk being harmed by them. This book competently guides us along the fine line every individual soul must walk between the nuances of darkness and light on a daily basis.

Two or three of the incidents and connections presented by Cahn seemed, to my inner skeptic, a bit of a stretch. One should, however, consider accepting that truth can often be stranger than fiction! Bear this in mind as you dive into the origins and outcomes of dark spirituality in this book. That, and perhaps avoid reading 'The Return of the Gods,' at night!

PS: Highly recommend pairing this with 1) 'Cynical Theories' by James Lindsay for a deep academic dive into the contemporary context of 'Social Justice' ideologies and 2) the confronting 'Live not by Lies' by Rod Dreher.

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