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TasmanMTB Magic at Mount George network!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The Mount George mtb network is situated up in the low, rocky hills which look out over the historic settlements of Georgetown and Low Head. Courtesy of bushfires in 2015 and 2018, the views are uninterrupted and eye- wateringly beautiful, whilst riding any of the contour-hugging mtb trails up, down or along this network. There are forever views out over the ocean, the Tamar estuary and the hills beyond.

GREEN TRAILS: Beginner riders will find 'green' graded downhills here rather challenging, as some novice trails are actually dark green, not light green! If you feel overwhelmed, just walk the bike over or down any rock gardens, and enjoy the view instead!

BLUE TRAILS: Experienced riders will absolutely love the blue-graded trails here; they are edgy enough to challenge intermediate riders and not terrify or injure them, whilst keeping pro. riders sending it, on their game! The runs are a great mix of rock gardens, tricky berms and jumps with A and B-lines.

BLACK TRAIL: Haven't ridden Megawatt, as the trailhead launches off from the rock platform of the Eastern Trails lookout, & one look was enough to know my skills limits would be exceeded!

THUMBS DOWN: Mount George MTB Network has not been connected...

a) With the new Tippogaree Network in Lauriston Park. A gravel bike path parallel to the busy E. Tamar Highway would help, it could also be connnected to existing bike paths off Old Bell Bay Road through the industrial area for active transport.

b) There are no purpose-built linking mtb trails from East Trails hub lookout down to Bridport Road for riders to safely and efficiently connect to, and access the vast Tippogoree Network by bike.

c) There are no links via Alfred & George Roads into town via York Creek Paths and Kanamaluka Paths on the waterfront.

d) More signs throughout the town are needed to direct visiting riders to Georgetown's growing networks of wonderful paths and trails and the great attractions they lead to.

Consequently, the Mount George walking & mtb trails network is in danger of becoming under-utilised.

THUMBS UP: You should go and ride here because...

a) It is a short distance from the town by bike

b) You start in an interesting old quarry with a magnificent view. Ditto for East Trails lookout.

c) Georgetown Council is responsible for the cleanest, sweetest smelling portaloo's I have ever experienced- in fact, the entire town is immaculately kept and maintained!

d) On your return ride there is a garland of cafe's and restaurants to choose from in town... and a brilliant pump track! Sweet!

e) Extend your ride by heading out & back along the waterfront to Low Head along the exceptionally beautiful Kanamaleuka Trail: and, at high tide, there's sublime, safe swimming at Lagoon Bay & East's Beach. (Cycling to the Tippogaree mtb network isn't recommended as the only option is currently the East Tamar Highway which is busy and therefore not a pleasant riding experience.)

f) If you don't feel like riding, there are walking trails up to the Mount George summit lookout, and a vast network of firetrails out the back to walk the dog !


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