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What's influenced your artistic practise of late?

Our family recently acquired a pretty new pup. And it’s a treat to travel to the ‘Dog Beach’ (aka Killcare) on the Central Coast to have some splashy fun outdoors. It had been raining for days over Christmas and New Year, but on the appointed dog beach day, the skies were gloriously clear. On arrival, it was with joyful abandon we sashayed down through soft, warm sand onto the beach, where we were met by a vision of space and sea and sky and light. Here, the whole world and their dogs are completely relaxed. From body surfing in the waves to fetch your stick (dogs) to strolling or running along the beach (humans) there is so much visual stimulation that no space is left for much, if any negative behaviour.

Later that day, I couldn’t get all those beautiful blues out of my mind. That was my cue to sit down in the studio and express them in the one tangible thing that encapsulates all the ethereal qualities of light, water, sand and air- glass! And as any mosaic artist knows, courtesy of the swimming pool industry, there is NEVER a shortage of blue glass mosaic products and tonal ranges whatsoever! Here I share what I was able to express within two indirect method mosaics as a result that inspiring, joyful day at the dog beach. And next visit, as puppy grows, I might just have a go at a pet portrait.

What’s inspired you as your calendar crossed the bridge of time from 20 to 21?

Look forward to hearing about your sources of 2021 inspiration and the artworks you’ll

create as a result.


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