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Updated: Sep 8, 2022


Bigger, is not necessarily better! Creating something small and simple can also be very satisfying! Here are some simple instructions from to help get you started with creating a unique mosaic pendant.

Step 1: Assemble your materials. The choice of materials is only limited by your imagination but millefiori beads, tiny glass shapes, shards of thin stained glass, mirror, metal jewellery trinkets, micro ceramic tiles or crockery shards... can really get your mosaic mojo flowing!

Step 2: Lay out your design. Either:

a) Make a template of the area to be mosaiced by tracing the shape onto a piece of paper. You will need to be exact in your measurements as a millimetre too large and your design won't fit into the blank pendant or

b) Play around with your design within the jewellery blank itself.

Step 3: Glue your pieces. Use either Weldbond adhesive or clear Acrylic adhesive, applying it with a small paint brush. Tweezers or a toothpick are handy for nudging the pieces into position. Once finished allow the glue to dry completely and set your design in place. Clean up any excess adhesive using something small and sharp (toothpick, pin etc)

Step 4: Grout your pendant. (optional) Mix a few drops of water in with your grout so that it makes a fairly stiff paste. Press this into the pendant to fill the gaps between the glass shapes in your design. Gently wipe and clean the grout off with a damp cloth until you have revealed your pendant design again. Allow to set in the sun. Polish off any grout film, fix your pendant to a chain for wearable mosaic art, or keep it for integration with a more ambitious future project!

Shop for a mosaic pendant kit by clocking on their images below...

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