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Put your feelers out!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

When mosaicing a butterfly, dragonfly or ladybird- all very popular little beasties to depict in mosaic - how to depict the fine lines of feelers or antennae successfully is often puzzling. Here are some ideas of how to depict antennae:

1) Use copper wire* and adhere it with epoxy glue in position onto your base then continue mosaicing around it. Thread some glass beads onto the wire or leave the wires bare and just thread one glass bead on at each end as an accent.

2) Leave a grout gap to depict the antennae and integrate a bead or glass drop into your mosaic background to show the end of the antennae.

3) Mirror glass tiles and Cinca tiles can be cut into very thin slivers, and often get a nice squiggle due to the impact of your cut, and therefore make great antennas.

4) Artwork often infers something, so for a less literal depiction of antennae, just integrate some glass drops, or beads into your mosaic background where the ends of the antenna would be, or stick them on top of your mosaic background after grouting.

Bugs are colourful, fun and easy to create in mosaic and look lovely in a garden setting! Enjoy

* Use Copper wire, because it does not corrode.

Top Left: (4) marbles (this mosaic was large) Top Right: (3) Mirror glass slivers & beads on a GoG mosaic. Bottom left: (2) leave a grout gap Bottom right: (1) Beaded copper wire

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