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Warm Up to Creativity in winter.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Winter is well and truly here in Sydney and with it the incentive to stay indoors and warm up to your next creative endeavour. Right down through history, winter has traditionally been the time to either make or repair things within the household. As a consequence it is wired into our psyche.

For those of you with children, it is both fun and stimulating when you create things together, as opposed to spending your time in front of ‘the evil rectangle’ and all its tempting, highly visual mutations (TV, Mobiles, Wii, i-anything…)

Creating things is just as visually stimulating as any electronic device, but you actually end up with something tangible to show for your time at the end of the day.

Creating things teaches you practical skills such as researching what you are going to do, collecting the materials to do it, organising your workspace, the soothing process of 'making' and of course, the challenges (patience? focus?) and the satisfaction of making an idea into a reality.

Each season has it’s own character and appeal. Embrace the cold, rainy weather with your creative addiction of choice; wrap it up by Spring and have it on show just in time for Summer!

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